Other Services

We work with many local vendors so we can help support shopping local. Below is more information about the different vendors we work with.

Clipper Service
We take in clippers for repair and servicing and blades for sharpening. All blades are sharpened at $9 per blade, small clipper service is $24 plus parts, large clipper service is $30 plus parts.

Engraving by the Engraver
The Engraver is a full service engraving firm, and you can place orders for nameplates on tack, bracelets, dog collars or any other great item from the Engraver at All About Equestrian. We also carry the Green Hill Collection which is a line of accessories hand-made in the USA and have a distinctly equestrian feel! by The Engraver

Exclusive Horsehair Jewelry by Ponylocks
Keep your horse or pony with you always with a piece of jewelry handmade from your horse’s tail by Ponylocks at All About Equestrian.

Local Products:
These are some great local products that we carry in the store, they make wonderful gifts

Handmade Soaps by by Thistle Thickets Farm
Handmade goats milk scented soaps in a variety of scents, these make great gifts!

Portraits by Liz Weyer
Beautiful custom portraits of your dog, cat, horse or any other animal or human!

Leather by ME
Quality leather belts with unique equestrian designs and buckles







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