Consignment FAQs

We have a variety of consignment items available at any given time as a service to the community.

If you’re looking to bring an item in for consignment please read over below. Consignments may be accepted by chance or by appointment.
View Our Consignment Agreement
(Save time by printing, signing and bring with you when you drop off your items!)

What items do you accept for consignment?
Saddles **, bridles, and other tack lightly used and not in need of repair, lunging equipment (excludes lunge lines,crops & whips), rider apparel (must be current, clean, and without tears, stains or rips), bits (must be clean), spurs and limited gift items.

**Saddles: We do not accept saddles with heavy use, major scratches, cracked/dry leather or any saddles in need of repair, saddle without knee rolls or with suede knee rolls. Saddles must be a current style. We accept western saddles on a select basis.

Are there certain items you do not accept? 
Yes, the following are a list of items that we do not accept: Blankets, coolers, fly sheets, stable sheets, 1/4 sheets etc, saddle pads, stables supplies (i.e. pitch forks, brooms, buckets, cross ties, electrical items, etc), helmets, wraps (polo, standing, quilts, etc), brushes and/or grooming supplies, clippers or blades, gloves, or other small personal items, clothing & boots that aren’t an equestrian brand, no crops, whips, or bats or any item that is heavily used, damaged, stained, unclean, dangerous or in need of repair, or any other items that are too large for us to accommodate.

How does the pricing work?
We encourage you to decide on a price that is fair based on the value, style and condition of the item.

Is there a certain amount of time the item must sell by?
All articles are consigned for a period of 3 months(90 days) Consignor is completely responsible of keeping track of the expiration date. After 3 months, we will call you once to give you the option of picking the item up or choosing to donate it. We work with local nonprofits who take the donated articles such as Great and Small, Madison Fields, Days End Farm, Circle of Hope, and Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary. Any unsold item that remains at AAE for 10 days or more after expiration of the contract priced at $150 or less become the property of AAE and may be disposed of as we see fit which includes but not limited to donation. Merchandise removed prior to the 3 month contract period is subject to a $20.00 processing fee.

How will I know when my item has sold? Will I get a check in the mail? 
You are welcome to call or stop by the store and check at anytime whether or not your items have sold. It is the responsibility of the consignor to check if the item has sold, and to come in to pick up payment.



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